Is Your Device Vulnerable to WannaCry Ransomware? Get Your Windows OS Updated.

Are you aware of ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware??

or hearing this word for the first time in your life !!

If yes, then gain information on the internet about the havoc being spread by this ransomware everywhere. The most horrifying part is that it is affecting Windows OS devices adversely and making them vulnerable.

The indication is quite clear that WannaCry ransomware is developed, taking into consideration the script in Windows OS, to bypass the firewall in minutes.

WannaCry is developed with such a codings which make it possible to affect one PC after another as its transit time is absolutely shocking. Once this ransomware intrudes any Windows OS device, it makes the same vulnerable and does not allow the users to perform any activity they agree to pay some fees.

As it is quite clear that this WannaCry ransomware is targeting Windows OS device, your’s may be the next one to fall prey to this horrific ransomware….

Dare not consider yourself lucky if the device is still safe.

Just take the essential steps to keep it secure upon updating Windows OS in minutes.


Steps to Update Windows OS on Your Device

  1. Look for the version of Windows OS that currently persists in your Desktop or laptop device. WannaCry ransomware impacts the device with Windows OS installed on it.

As the different Windows version require specific patches, it’s quite essential to know the version of Win OS that is currently being run on the device

– To find out the version of Windows OS installed on device, press

– Win key +R on your device keyboard and type ‘winver’ and then click OK.

– The new window will open with the Windows OS version displayed on it.

  1. Now get the MS17-010 update installed on your device, once you’re done finding the Windows OS version successfully.

Do make sure you’ve downloaded patches for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version as one of those will definitely work for you. The wrong one; if used, will erupt an error but will do no harm as such.

Here is the list of Windows OS (in 32-bit and 64-bit) for which patches can be downloaded directly upon clicking the same.

As you click on any of the above-listed links, the .exe file is downloaded with MSU Extension. This is the mandatory update that needs to be installed. Just double-click on it and follow on-screen instructions of the setup wizard.

Reboot the Window device and you will surely feel glad to be safe from vulnerabilities of ‘WannaCry’ ransomware as it’s not going to intrude in your device anymore.

  1. Comprehensive Scanning: Perform the virus scan immediately. If no antivirus has been installed on your computer, it’s suggested that you install the latest version of Kaspersky antivirus.

Now, run a quick scan on your device. In case any infected file is detected; for e.g. ‘Trojan.Win64.EquationDrug.gen’ then truncate it immediately from the computer and reboot the device. Following this procedure properly will keep your device secure from vulnerabilities caused by WannaCry Ransomware.

What to Do Upon Sudden Encounter with WannaCry Ransomware?

Nothing to be done…

Don’t panic at that moment and never think about surrendering in front of them as it encourages them a lot to pluck out the money from others as well.

If you pay them the desired amount, there’s no surety that you might be getting all files intact. In case, you lose data due to ransomware attack, the best part is that lost files can be recovered from the backup. If no recent backup is available to you, download data recovery tools that can help you retrieve the lost data.


Recommended Precautions

  • Maintain a Backup Routine on a regular basis.
  • Enable anti-spam settings on your computer.
  • Beware of opening attachments in emails sent by unknown attachments.
  • Think twice or thrice before clicking the links sent to you on emails or messenger.
  • Ignore all file that has .exe or unknown file extensions, which you are unheard of.
  • Keep updating the virus definitions as well as versions of antivirus products installed on your device.
  • Keep your Windows Firewall turned-on and Windows Defender update.
  • Get compressed or archived files scanned upon adjusting the security settings.
  • Prefer disabling Windows Powershell and make it enabled when there is an absolute necessity.
  • Microsoft Office components security should be enhanced by disabling ActiveX and Macros
  • Unique passwords ought to be set for different accounts and potential risks

In case, your antivirus is not working or up to the mark in blocking the intrusion of WannaCry ransomware and its supporting Trojan files, then it is suggested to use Kaspersky internet security. You can avail Kaspersky Help Desk anytime at your convenience to interact with qualified experts when it is asked to do so.


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