Detailed Information related to McAfee Error Code 12002

Code 12002 Error information

  • Error Name: McAfee Error Code 12002
  • Operating Systems Targeted: Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP
  • Description of Error 12002: Your McAfee product has encountered a problem and need to be closed immediately. Really apologise for the inconvenience caused

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McAfee Installation Error 12002 – Understanding the Symptoms and how to fix it?

Is it necessary for you to be in front of the desktop or laptop for several hours? If yes, then it’s highly important to secure the device by installing a branded security software.

There’s a certain reason behind taking such action… Wanna know the actual reason!!

Here it is for your benefit.

Spending a long time on PC on a daily basis with an internet connection makes the device prone to virus or malware that intrudes upon accessing un-trusted websites or insecure network.

McAfee; being the trusted antivirus product of all times, can be used for offering comprehensive device security from any vulnerabilities in minutes. Being equipped with all features, it can be configured easily on your device upon quick installation without any need to reboot your PC.

Have you ever used McAfee security software on your device?

If not, then try using McAfee security software by installing the same on your device.

As many users have been using this antivirus since long time back, some of those have encountered McAfee error code 12002 while installing the security software. There are certain valid reasons behind it.


Reasons Behind Sudden Cropping of McAfee Error Code 12002

  • The corrupt setup files downloaded on a device.
  • Incomplete installation of McAfee installation.
  • Errors coming across due to OS incompatibility issues.
  • Malware or trojan has corrupted the essential Windows system files.
  • The essential components in McAfee setup file found missing.
  • The components of other security software still exist in the device.
  • Cluttered Windows registry files
  • Non-existent applications due to improper software uninstall
  • Wrongly configured system settings
  • Missing files accidentally deleted from the registry have caused system malfunctions


Symptoms or Indications of McAfee Error Code 12002

  • When error code 12002 prompts on the screen.
  • Active Windows program gets crashed all of the sudden.
  • Device crash up issues on a frequent basis.
  • The screen all of the sudden freeze and stops responding.
  • Windows OS shuts down all of the down upon detection of the root cause.
  • Sluggish performance of Windows OS device that responds slowly to mouse or keyboard input.


How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Error 12002?

In case, you have executed the process of McAfee antivirus installation on your desktop or laptop and error 12002 does not allow you to successfully install security software, then there are certain strategies that are to be applied for troubleshooting the same and make McAfee product installation successful.

For your convenience, here are the steps to perform troubleshooting of McAfee error 12002:


  1. At the first instance, repair registry entries associated with error 12002.
  2. Perform a complete Malware scan of your device.
  3. All the junk files accumulated in the computer needs to be cleaned up that includes temporary files. Use Disk Cleanup to perform the action.
  4. Update or install drivers on your device
  5. Undo all the changes made in the system recently by using Windows System Restore.
  6. Remove all components of McAfee antivirus through MCPR tool after successful uninstallation
  7.  Trace out any missing components of McAfee antivirus with Windows System file checker

(“sfc /scannow”)

  1.  Make sure, you install all available Windows Updates.
  2. Reinstall the McAfee antivirus latest version on your device


Now, you must have got a valid answer for how to fix McAfee error code. Still, in case the problems persist, then you must contact McAfee support through online chat panel to get the problems fixed at the earliest.

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