Norton Antivirus Upgrade & Update Support

Best Online Support to Upgrade Norton Antivirus

In a real-time world, where the users are getting digitized day by day, it is quite mandatory to secure the personal computer and smartphone device before the time lapse away. Thanks to Symantec Corporation that it has launched different version of Norton products, which was actually a huge necessity. But, it is also essential to update or upgrade Norton antivirus when the latest versions are available.

As per the research, people located in different demographics of the United States and Canada remains online on the web for 6-8 hours through PC or mobile device. Though they have active Norton subscription and have installed antivirus product on their devices, it’s update or upgrade is quite vital in terms of device security.


Is It Necessary to Upgrade Norton Antivirus?

Users are generally not able to know; when their device gets vulnerable to risk. Scammers keep looking for opportunity and maximum of 3 minutes is enough for them to hack the device and steal the vital information. In order to avoid such kind of scenario, the best option is to perform Norton antivirus upgrade or update before it gets too late.


How to Upgrade Norton Antivirus Standard Version to Norton 360

As several antivirus versions have been developed by Symantec, it’s quite essential for those users to update or upgrade Norton antivirus product to Norton 360. Before doing this, one thing that needs to be considered is to check the compatibility of Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device with the version of Norton 360.

Users can avail upgrade support for Norton 360 by giving a call at the official toll-free number launched by Symantec in case they are finding difficulty to upgrade standard version of Norton antivirus. As standard version is for beginners purpose and has limited features, it has to be upgraded immediately for providing enhanced security to PC or mobile device.

Here are the steps to Update Norton Antivirus Standard to Norton 360:

  • Sign-in into Norton account entering correct login credentials
  • As you login successfully, navigate to device section
  • Look for the update button next to the current Norton version.

(You will not be able to find the button if currect version is installed on the device)

  • If you are using Windows device and looking ahead to upgrade or update Norton product, then follow the following steps aligned below:

– Click on Norton update center

– Click on section “Update me Now”

   (Note: In case download doesn’t start automatically, the  need to be downloaded manually)

  • Upon file download, security warning window appears on the screen,
  • There you will find the run button in the prompt message. Click on it
  • Keep clicking the continue button and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Once Norton 360 product is installed, make sure it is compatible with correct version of Win OS
  • In a similar way, you can perform Norton 360 upgrade to Norton security



How to Upgrade Norton Antivirus  to Norton 360 in Mac Device

In case of Mac device, certain steps are available that are used to upgrade or update Norton antivirus. To make users clear, Norton 360 is available for Windows user only and is restricted from using Mac device.  Symantec has developed Norton 360 based products to prevent Mac OS-based devices that include Norton 360 Multi-Device and Norton One.

However, a Mac user can perform Norton antivirus upgrade to the version, which is highly compatible with new macOS 10.13.x High Sierra. Norton 360 support is offered to a huge extent when it comes to upgrading security software in the Mac device

Here are the steps to do the same:

  • Start your Norton product on Mac device and then click on the free upgrade available button in the main menu section.
  • As the software update window interface comes on the screen, click update now button
  • Enter the administrator password and click on install helper button
  • Doing this, Norton agent uninstall older version of antivirus product that is installed on MAC device
  • When the uninstallation is completed, click restart
  • As the Mac device gets rebooted automatically, software update window pops up in which you need to click “Agree and Upgrade”
  • Restart the device once the product installation is completed
  • Once the device restarts, registration alert message is displayed on the Norton window to complete the process.
  • Click ‘Fix Now’ button doing which Norton product subscription window is displayed in which there is an option to enter Norton account login details
  • Now, you will find that latest version of Norton antivirus is installed on Mac device


Likewise, users can also upgrade Norton internet security installed on the Windows or Mac device. Helpdesk services can be availed upon dialing support help number of Norton; launched by Symantec Corporation. Toll-free phone lines associated with Norton help phone number are active every time for user’s convenience to render immediate assistance even during the odd hours.

Users; having lack of knowledge or technical expertise can get Norton upgrade support through the phone as well as chat support or by contacting Norton community.


Is Dialing Third Party Norton Support Number Worthy?

Though official Norton number, launched by Symantec; can be dialed to get help desk services anytime round the clock but think of the scenario if the phone lines are busy or not working due to an unspecified reason.

What will actually happen??

Will you be getting immediate assistance when it is needed the most?

You have to wait until the problem gets rectified for having a word with Norton technical support experts….

Won’t you be looking for an alternate option to get instant Norton helpdesk services? Isn’t this a wise idea…

Of course, yes!! from the majority of users; who need an instant solution for the complex or critical problem coming across their way whilst they look to update or upgrade Norton 360 edition to the latest version.

Dialing third party Norton helpline number can be the best solution to get Norton upgrade or update issues fixed at the earliest.