What is the Best Way to Fix Norton not Connecting to Update Server?

When it comes to protecting devices at your home or office, you will no doubt look for the best antivirus software. As such, Norton appears to be a safe option, given the circumstances you are in. The comprehensive protection accentuates the safety protocol, giving a fair bit of safety net to your devices from consistent malware and ransomware threat.

But there are some usual hassles, which are rather difficult to deal with. Things start to get worse when it comes to Norton live update. This usually happens, when the antivirus fails to connect with the servers, which greatly subdues its overall performance.

So what alternative options do you have? Keeping in mind the nature of the crisis, it would seem appropriate to fix the error at the earliest.


How to Fix Norton Live Update Not Working?

With Norton live update not working, it surely doesn’t mean the end of the world. You will eventually find a possible medium that lets you resolve the issue in the best possible way.


Connection Issues with LiveUpdate

In most cases, the live update features continue to add new files to your Norton antivirus, almost automatically. Just in case, you are getting the message- “application cannot connect the Live update”, then you can perhaps find some help by going to the official Symantec website. When you are not in a position to access the website,  the only option then is to restart the device.

After restarting the device,  launch “ Norton” and click on “ LiveUpdate”. Or else, you can click on- “Tasks” and then click on ‘Run LiveUpdate”. Herein, you have to wait for the message to appear- “ Your Norton product has the Latest Protection Update”. When it is done, click- “Ok”.

Now, you can restart the program and close down the other programs.


Secure Sites fail to Open 

After upgrading Norton Antivirus from Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security, you may find it difficult to connect with the secure websites. This can be a major issue and the only way to get them fixed is by launching Norton and clicking on- “ LiveUpdate.”( If you use Norton Internet Security)

In case, you are using Norton 360, make sure to click on -”Tasks” and continue by clicking on- “Run LiveUpdate.”

Once you see the message -” Your Norton Product Now Has the Latest protection Update”, click OK.


Email Server Connection Issues

There are moments, when you send an email, the internet service provider or your recipients ISP might show up an error message. This usually happens when the ISP considers your email to have any spam or the attachment in the mail happens to be larger than what you are permitted.

You will then receive a message proclaiming- “ Your email was unable to send because the connection to mail server was interrupted.”

In such a scenario, there are two possibilities. Either you can check if the email address entered is wrong or the address doesn’t exist anymore. To resolve the problem, the best you can do is by opting for a full Norton system scan. Additionally, you can run the LiveUpdate feature.

When everything else fails, you can get in touch with the internet service provider to look at the problem.


Ignore the Error Message

If for any reason, ISP prohibits any specific email, you will no doubt come across an error message. This happens due to Norton’s Email Protection Feature. The only option left for you is to turn off the Email Protection program.

For those using Norton antivirus or Norton internet security, they need to click on “Settings.” The procedure should be followed by selecting “ Network” and continuing by clicking on “ Message Protection.” Or else, one using Norton 360 can click on “ Antivirus” and follow it by hitting the “ Configure” button.

From here on, it is all about configuring the settings by clicking on – “ What to scan” and then removing the check mark from “ Scan Outgoing Email Messages.”

The task can be completed by clicking on “ Apply” and then selecting “ Permanently” from the Security Request window. Click OK three times, so as to close the dialog windows. By turning off this feature, Norton will still scan all the incoming emails. But it will not look at other emails that you are sending.

This is how you have a chance to deal with the issue of Norton Live Update Error.


Any Other Counter Measures?

To be honest, there will be a few occasions, when you might come across a situation, where you don’t really have any inclination of the Norton antivirus issue? This could have serious implications and unless you make it a point to resolve it, there’s no escaping it.

For this very reason, you can consider approaching the experts and do so, you can contact the Norton customer support team. If it comes to a point where you wish to attain prompt assistance, this is the best opportunity that you have got.

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