How to Fix Norton Antivirus Installation Issues on Windows 10 PC?

Norton Security has gained a worldwide reputation for offering comprehensive protection to the desktop or Laptop device from intruding virus and online threats. Still many Windows OS users deal with troublesome problems while installing the antivirus products on their PC. The reasons can be any, but users are at the sufferer’s end.

As various attempts are made to install Norton antivirus, stringent errors keep coming across and halt the process. These are quite robust and keep cropping up on a consistent basis.

Do Norton installation errors keep preventing you from adding the security shield to your device

securing the PC from the virus or online threats?

Are you looking for impelling options to fix Norton Windows 10 issues that occur during the installation of security software?


Reasons Why Norton Product Is Not Getting Installed on Windows 10

Though the OS compatibility issue is the core reason that creates trouble during Norton Antivirus installation, still the problem needs to be taken on a serious note and the effective strategies are to be adopted carefully.

Other reason can be the invalid product key that stops the Norton security installation process there and then. Users have to fill the product key carefully as sent by Symantec on your registered email if the subscription is purchased online. You can easily install Norton using product key but make sure the internet connection needs to be working properly for its successful validation.

Maybe you’ve removed the obsolete antivirus application from the device to reinstall Norton 360; still, due to certain reasons, it’s not getting installed successfully. Might be possible, some components of Norton antivirus product still exists in your device that prevents the re-installation of its latest security software.

As if you are looking to reinstall Norton Security after removing its obsolete antivirus product, make sure all the components have been truncated from your device. For that, you need to download antivirus remove and reinstall tool for truncating old antivirus components as well as quickly add latest Norton version to your device.


Steps to Fix Norton Installation Issues on Windows 10 PC


Step 1: Remove Prefetch and Temporary Files from Windows Device

  1. Close all the applications or programs running on your device
  2. Now press Window+ R key simultaneously to open ‘Run’ dialog box
  3. Type ‘prefetch’ in the same and press enter
  4. Doing this, several files get listed in the new window
  5. Again press the keys “CTRL+A” together to select all the files listed therein.
  6. Press Shift+delete keys together and press yes button to delete files permanently.
  7. Follow the same process by typing the command %temp% in the ‘Run’ dialog box


Step 2: Install Norton Removal Tool on Your Windows Device

  1. Download Norton removal tool on your Windows device
  2. Navigate to the specific folder while the files are downloaded. Click Ctrl+J
  3. Look for NRnR file and double-click on it
  4. A new window will open with terms and conditions mentioned over it.
  5. Select the radio button next to ‘Agree’ option on license agreement page
  6. Click Advanced option and select remove the only option and then remove
  7. Once the process is completed, reboot your PC to make changes effective.


Step 3: Try Re-Installing Norton Antivirus Again

  1. Click the Norton 360 security antivirus setup file already downloaded from the official website
  2. If it’s not working anymore, download the same by signing-into Norton account
  3. Click “Download Norton” and tick the radio button “I Agree”
  4. Enter the new product key and get it validated for successful installation of Norton product in your device.


In case the Norton remove and reinstall tool does not seem to be working properly and errors keep coming up on your device, it’s quite sure that problem is occurring due to OS compatibility issues.

If it’s not possible for you to install Norton 360 security or any other latest version (launched by Symantec) on Window 10 device, then it’s recommended to get connected with Norton customer service experts without any delay as they can help you in a better way to fix Norton 360 security installation issues.

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