Looking for a Solution to Fix Norton Antivirus Error 8504, 104 ? Here It is for you

Getting encountered with Norton antivirus error 8504 every now and then !!

It’s clearly not a pleasing experience for anyone, who is looking to scan the desktop or laptop device…

Norton errors occurring on a sudden basis, make the users dejected as they were already frustrated with vulnerabilities in their device. They, in the mainstream; are unaware of the steps how to fix the Norton error 8504, 104 in a feasible way.

What a depressed person might be feeling when the Norton antivirus installed on the PC, is erupting errors even after several attempts made to fix it. On the other side, the device is not performing due to the intrusion of malware and other malicious files. He/she is facing the scenario like check and mate that generally comes across while playing a game of chess.

As the errors sometimes occur all of the sudden while using Norton products but there are several reasons behind it.

Though you might be busy looking for best possible solutions…..

But, wait for a while and have a nimble look at the reasons behind those, which may help you find a way out to fix Norton Antivirus Errors 8504 in a feasible manner.

  • Corrupt setup file might have been used to install the Norton product on your device.
  • Norton product not installed properly due to compatibility issues with device OS.
  • Invalid product key may have been used to activate Norton product.
  • Virus or malware infection not letting Norton product to scan the device.
  • Norton components may have been deleted accidentally.
  • Other antivirus product already installed on the device alongside Norton.
  • Norton product installed on the device is supposed to be upgraded.


Measures Suggested for Proper Functioning of Norton Product

  • Remove other antivirus product (if any) that exists within the device.
  • Download Norton power eraser (NPE) executable file in the device.
  • This helps to perform the deep scan of your device to detect virus, root kits, and other malware files.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to quarantine the same for  hassle-free Norton re-installation.
  • Once the comprehensive scan with NPE is over, the device gets reboot automatically.


Follow On-Screen Instructions to Fix Norton Antivirus Error 8504

Infographics Norton Antivirus

  • Upon successful reboot, PC gets optimized and work properly.
  • Now, go to the Control Panel of your device and un-install Norton product.
  • Once the Norton is un-installed successfully, restart the device.
  • Do make sure, you use Norton removal tool to vanish all the corrupt registry files.
  • Restart the device upon removal of unnecessary registry files and Norton components.
  • Upon doing this, all the changes made in the device will get effective.
  • Now login to Norton accounts entering the required credentials.
  • Look for the updated Norton product as per the compatibility with device OS.
  • Once found, download the setup file of Norton 360 and install the same on your device.

We’re sure that you won’t have to deal with Norton Antivirus Error 8504, 104 anymore. As the certified professionals are available to render quality Norton Help, you can contact them anytime by phone, chat, and email to get proper solutions for the problems encountered, if any.

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