All About McAfee VirusScan Error 1603

Is fixing McAfee error 1603 has become quite a challenging task for you?

If yes, then it’s all because the McAfee updates are not getting installed properly

Are you actually getting McAfee error while installing updates?

These troublesome errors actually prevent McAfee antivirus from performing at its best.

The installation of McAfee updates is quite essential as the virus definition files have the potential to recognize the online threats and trace vulnerabilities in the device during VirusScan. The   unsuccessful McAfee update may lead to such problems

Causes of McAfee VirusScan Errors

There are certain causes of McAfee VirusScan error with the main reason being, updates not getting installed successfully. But users in the mainstream; have no idea or awareness regarding the same.

Let’s make all the users aware of the causes behind McAfee VirusScan Error 1603:

  • Corrupt setup file of McAfee VirusScan software downloaded on the device
  • Essential components missing that prevent successful installation of McAfee VirusScan
  • McAfee updates not installing, also result in VirusScan Errors
  • Windows registry files are corrupted due to changes made in VirusScan software
  • Virus or malware infected files has corrupted essential components or files of Windows OS
  • The old components of McAfee old version are still hidden in the device that prevents an update from getting installed successfully.
  • PC gets shut down during installation of McAfee updates.
  • Windows OS is upgraded to the latest version.
  • PC device drivers are outdated

There are several other factors that can be hugely responsible for the eruption of error 1603. So, it is essential you look for the solution to fix such root cause in order to prevent the reverent errors.


Symptoms or Indications of McAfee Error 1603

But, many users have questions like how to recognize if these McAfee errors are occurring only because of unsuccessful antivirus update installation. Here are some symptoms or indications regarding the same:

  • The active program window getting crashed upon sudden eruption of error 1603
  • PC crash issues with error 1603 while installing McAfee updates
  • McAfee virus scan error 1603 appear on the screen suddenly
  • Sluggish performance of device upon input or command made through peripherals
  • Sudden freeze up of device for few minutes while performing installation

Note: Runtime errors like 1603, mainly occurs due to the improper installation of McAfee antivirus updates. It can also occur while installing an application on the device when McAfee virus scan is running, windows startup or shutdown. The only way out to troubleshoot this problem is to keep a track when this error 1603 occurs as it can prove to a be critical piece of information


Windows OS versions that may encounter error  messages 1603

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Win Vista/XP/ME/2000


How to Fix McAfee VirusScan Error 1603?

As various users have no idea how to fix McAfee Virus Scan error, they keep facing this error 1603 messages that keep coming across every now and then.  If you’re one amongst those and looking for the best possible solutions, then here are the essential steps to troubleshoot virus scan error 1603


Step 1: Repair Registry Entries Associated with Error 1603

Looking to manually edit the Windows Registry files for fixing problems on a permanent basis !!

Beware not to do it unless you’re highly proficient in dealing with such error.

Any kind of negligence from your end while editing registry files, can lead to permanent dysfunction of PC that is all due to the damage in Operating system files. Even a single ‘comma’ or misplaced ‘semicolon’ can prevent the startup of your PC.

In order to avoid such scenario, a trusted registry cleaner like ‘Reimage’ that actually helps in scanning and repairing Error 1603 registry problems. The ‘registry cleaner’ helps in finding the invalid registry entries, references to missing files as well as the broken links saved within the registry.

An automatic backup file is created upon every scan so that the changes made, can be revoked anytime if the things don’t work in your favor. The action can be taken immediately upon clicking on the link to prevent the possibility of PC damage.


Step 2: Start Full Device Scan of Your PC to Remove Malware

As malware can be one of the main reasons behind the consistent eruption of ‘error 1603’, it does not let successful installation of McAfee update. The device scan needs to be run using Windows Defender for tracing out the malware components and quarantine them immediately to stop sudden prompt of McAfee error on the device screen.


Step 3: Perform Disk Cleanup by Truncating Junk Files

The time and again, the junk files get accumulated in the computer due to frequent web surfing or device usage on a regular basis. If you care about truncating junk files through disk cleanup process,  it will not only prevent “error 1603” from coming across but also increase the performance of your device to a huge extent.


Step 4: PC Device Drivers Update/ Upgrade

Outdated drivers can also be the core reason behind ‘errors 1603’. The regular update/upgrade of PC device drivers can fix McAfee VirusScan error.


Step 5: Perform Windows OS Device Restore and Undo Recent System Changes

Windows OS device restore can be one of the best solutions to get rid of a headache like ‘McAfee error 1603’. This functionality restores your device to that point where everything was fine. This can actually help you save time to troubleshoot problems associated with 1603 McAfee VirusScan errors.


Step 6: Uninstall and Reinstall McAfee VirusScan Program

Installing and re-installing McAfee VirusScan Program can be considered as the best option to troubleshot error 1603. But make sure, you properly remove all the components of current McAfee Product through MCPR (McAfee Product Removal) tool before re-installing the latest version of McAfee.


Step 7: Run Windows System File Checker

System file checker in Windows OS device is a handy tool that allows you scan and restore Windows system files that have gone corrupted. This is quite an effective step to prevent errors 1603 that occur while using McAfee system file checker.


Step 8: All Available Windows Update needs to be installed

Windows update needs to be installed to immediately to prevent the chance of McAfee VirusScan error 1603. All you need to start with McAfee antivirus update file free download. Install the same in quick time and prevent all kind of runtime errors while using McAfee security software.


Step 9:  Perform Windows Installation without Hassle

Perform re-installation of Windows OS on your device, in case all the above-mentioned methods fail to prevent VirusScan errors. Though it is a time-consuming process, you should have a complete backup of the device before starting Windows re-installation.

Try repairing windows OS files to avoid time-consumption as there is a possibility that it can prevent errors from getting cropped up during virus scan with McAfee security software.

In case, error 1603 still persist even after windows repair or re-installation, this problem may be related to a hardware defect. Just find out the defect in your device hardware upon contacting professionals and get the same replaced to fix the problem immediately.

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