How to Stop or Cancel Norton Automatic Renewal Service quickly?

People generally get irritated when they are not able to cancel Norton automatic renewal for preventing their card getting charged at the time of billing. The Norton antivirus users just need to implement those specific steps that help them to cancel the product subscription, which is no longer in use. If you are one amongst those users and do not want to get your account charged again by Symantec, then go ahead and cancel auto-renewal of Norton product subscription before it gets too late.


Is It Possible to Cancel Norton Auto-Renewal?

Yes, off-course there is an option to Cancel/Turn off Norton Auto-Renewal service and Symantec has revealed it long time back for the convenience of users. It’s not their fault that users paid deaf ears to their suggestion for turning off auto-renewal option on a manual basis.


Techniques to Disable the Auto-Renewal of Norton Subscription:

If your card has already been charged or the antivirus product renewal date has arrived, then you cannot cancel or stop the automatic renewal of Norton as it gets automatically enrolled by Symantec. Its database already store your credit card or bank account details which you used to buy Norton product online at first instance. Though you cannot do anything to stop Norton Automatic/Annual Renewal Service, but you can turn off or stop the Norton automatic renewal subscription in the future by following the four effective techniques.

  • Login into Norton account and follow above-mentioned steps to turn-off or cancel antivirus auto renewal subscription.


  • Live Chat Support: Interact with experts through the online chat using an internet connection and request for cancellation of antivirus auto renewal service in a matter of seconds.


  • Phone Support: 24*7 Norton phone support is offered by Symantec so that you can call them directly regarding the cancellation of Norton subscription auto-renewal along with the preference not getting billed automatically from next year onwards.


  • Through Cancellation Form: The other feasible way available is to use the Norton Auto-renewal cancellation service form to inhibit renewal of Norton subscription. Just provide the order number, product key as well as the serial number of antivirus products in the online form along with your request to cancel the subscription permanently if it is no more in use.


  • Through Email Support: Another way out to cancel antivirus product auto-renewal is to send an email to Norton customer service by clicking the online form. Select the option in the form by clicking the drop down arrow to choose the category “Auto-renewal and ongoing protection”. Now enter your request within the message section to disable or cancel Norton auto-renewal service.


Canceling Norton Service BEFORE You’ve Been Charged:

  1. Open a web browser according to your choice and type Click on the sign- in link seen on the web page to access the login page. Cancel Norton Auto Renewal
  2. Enter the correct login details in the defined area. Norton Auto-renewal cancellation
  3. Press the sign-in button to access the Norton account. cancel Norton automatic renewal
  4. Once the dashboard is displayed, navigate your Mouse towards My Norton Tab seen in the Menu bar and click on the same. stop Norton Automatic/Annual Renewal Service
  5. There, you will find options in the drop-down menu such as My devices, Download Norton, Automatic Renewal Settings and My Services. Norton automatic renewal
  6. Navigate your mouse to the option “ Automatic Renewal Settings” and click on the same.   Norton Auto-renewal cancellation
  7. Once the new interface is displayed, you will find the list of products of which ‘Automatic Renewal Settings’ feature is enabled.
  8. Click on Turn-off to cancel the Norton product Auto renewal.

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