Internet Is Not Working After Installing McAfee Antivirus

Some Users have reported they are unable to connect to the internet after installing McAfee antivirus security software on their PC or smartphone device. People; who use the Internet on a daily basis, suddenly start facing McAfee internet connection problem such as McAfee blocking the internet, Internet Not Working After Installing McAfee Antivirus, lost internet connection after McAfee update and more..

After Installing McAfee Antivirus Internet Is Not Working Why?

There are certain reasons behind it which they do not have any idea about. The prime reason behind this is the McAfee firewall component that inhibits the internet connection on PC or Smartphone device. The other reasons may be due to:

  • Compatibility issues with a web
  • Slow internet connection from the ISP.
  • Obsolete or outdated McAfee product installed on the device.
  • The web browser needs to
  • Unresponsive script errors occurring on a persistent basis, preventing internet access.



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How to fix McAfee internet connection problem?

For the user’s convenience, certain steps are enumerated that can be implemented with ease to fix issues “Internet Is Not Working After Installing Mcafee Antivirus”

  • Determine Application Access:
  1. Navigate to the McAfee account dashboard and double-click on the M Shield Icon in your taskbar.
  2. Click on the option “ Web and Email Protection”
  3. Now, you will find the Firewall link in the interface displayed upon clicking the previous option.
  4. Click on the Link Firewall and check whether Firewall is ON.
  5. If yes, then navigate to the option “Program Permissions” drawer and click on it
  6. Just scroll through the list and make a note of every application rules that are created especially block
  7. Outbound access needs to be granted to any program that requires network access
  • Restore Firewall Defaults:
  1. Click Restore defaults: Resetting firewall defaults will sweep away all custom settings. Doing this, you will be prompted several times to allow or deny various applications. It also plays an essential role to re-add custom port allowances that are created in other applications. No specific warning will be presented to the users to use ‘Restore Default’ button.
  2. Upon clicking the ‘Restore Default’ button, the prompt will be deployed by Security center to fetch network or application permissions. Take care once the local network, is confirmed. Ensure that you select the home button after these activities are performed.


Still McAfee blocking your Internet:

In case you are not able to fixed McAfee internet connection problem after implementing these steps, then it is advised to turn-off the Firewall. Once the McAfee firewall settings are disabled, then it is advised to check the internet connection by accessing a website on your device.  Still, if you find any problem while accessing the internet on your device then it is advised to contact ISP as there is some other issue, which is preventing internet access on your device.

For Instant help Contact McAfee tech Support by phone : + 1 (855)-675-0083 


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