Remove McAfee Antivirus using Removal tool (MCPR) Software

How to Remove McAfee using Antivirus Removal Tool?

As per the recommendation of various IT specialists; Need to remove McAfee antivirus properly by user before he/she is looking to re-installation of McAfee Antivirus version again or install the latest version of antivirus product as the components left after uninstallation of McAfee Security suite create problems for the users as errors crop up when they look to reinstall McAfee security plus latest version due to compatibility issues.

Here are the tips to remove McAfee Security suite from variant devices with an authentic antivirus removal tool; developed by Intel Security Corporation

  • McAfee Antivirus Product Removal from Windows OS.
  • McAfee Antivirus Product Removal from Mac.
  • McAfee Antivirus Product Removal from the phone.


    Download & Install McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool / (MCPR) Software.

  • Open the desired web browser and type the following URL to download McAfee consumer product removal (MCPR) tool:
  • Automatic download of MCPR tool starts within a second.
  • Once the MCPR tool is downloaded successfully, click on the button or link I agree and
  • Provide the captcha code as well as click on next button to continue with the installation procedure of McAfee Antivirus Product Removal Tool.
  • The user needs to wait for few minutes for successful installation of McAfee product removal
  • Once MCPR is installed successfully, then restart the computer as per the instructions in order to make the installed program effective.


How to Remove McAfee Security Suite from Windows OS Desktop or Laptop with MCPR?

  • Move the mouse to the MCPR.exe saved on the desktop or the desired location in the computer system and double click on the same.
  • Once the user account control dialog box is seen, click on yes.
  • Slide of McAfee software removal screen window is displayed with next button.
  • Click next to accept the end user agreement provided in the dialog
  • Along with that, fill the captcha code in the box as seen in the image and click next.
  • As soon as the cleanup successful message is seen, restarts the desktop or laptop device in order to completely remove the McAfee product.


Remove McAfee Security Suite from Mac Desktop or Laptop with MCPR?

  • Double-click on the MCPR.exe icon on the desktop or desired location to open antivirus removal interface.
  • Click on continue button.
  • Enter the administrator password of Mac Desktop or laptop to take authentication from admin for McAfee security removal from the device on a permanent
  • Click on finish button.
  • Restart the device in which security suite was installed in order to complete the removal procedure of McAfee security suite from Mac desktop or Laptop.


Remove McAfee Security Suite from Smartphone with MCPR?

  • Double click on the MCPR application seen on the screen of Smartphone device.
  • Go to your setting menu and select location & security.
  • Just access the administration account of your device and just unselect McAfee mobile security and then tap deactivate.
  • Just revert back to the Smartphone device settings and access MCPR interface
  • Browse the location of McAfee mobile security application in the device and then tap on uninstall.
  • Just restart the Smartphone device once McAfee mobile security is uninstalled completely in order to make changes permanent and effective.


Is McAfee Removal Issue Linked up with Outdated McAfee Product?

Intel Security Corporation renders McAfee removal support to the antivirus users with the help of McAfee removal tools such as McAfee Stinger, Klez Removal tool, and Bugbear removal tool. But there are some cases when McAfee security plus product stops responding all of the sudden and computer or mobile device gets highly prone to malware attack. It is all due to the problems that occur during automatic or manual virus definitions update in McAfee or at the time of McAfee security plus upgrade. Users generally look to remove McAfee forcefully from their device and look to install another antivirus. But it is not the actual solution to the same problem may occur again once they install other branded antivirus product and look to update the same. The best option is to reinstall McAfee security plus antivirus product but before that, the outdated software needs to be uninstalled properly from the device by using McAfee removal tool.

As there is a high chance that PC or mobile users have McAfee Malware Removal Support kit with them, McAfee product removal tool download need to initiate after searching the application from the internet. Once setup is downloaded successfully, McAfee product removal toolkit installation is supposed to be started. Users should make sure that McAfee virus removal software needs to be removed carefully by following all the steps provided on the Graphical user interface, failing which they would not be able to re-install McAfee internet security or security plus software as old antivirus software components prevent it from doing so. This generally happens with many users; who are unaware of support for the removal of McAfee antivirus, which is offered by Intel security corporation for the convenience of users; who are unaware about the functionality of McAfee Removal Support for windows 7 as well as Windows 8 and 8.1 OS. Other than this, MCPR is highly compatible with Mac and Smartphone devices to remove McAfee Antivirus in quick time once the steps are followed correctly.

Is There Any Necessity to Reinstall McAfee Product after its Removal?

Once McAfee antivirus is removed from the Windows OS, Smartphone, and mobile device, all the fixtures are set to re-install McAfee Security suite with the latest version without wasting much time as PC.MAC and Android device get prone to virus and malware attack in shortest time period. If any kind of negligence is shown during this period, then devices cannot be protected from getting vulnerable as malware, spyware and adware are always in the hunt to destroy the OS of the device or compromise the identity of the users.

Is it Easy for Antivirus users to Remove and Reinstall McAfee Security Suite?

Various users across the globe possess the technical knowledge to remove McAfee Security suite and then re-install the latest version of the antivirus product by applying their knowledge and skills as the steps are provided on the internet that is very well understood and can be applied successfully. But some of them face problems to remove McAfee product from the Windows OS device, MAC OS X, and Smartphone device.

A certified expert working for McAfee support team at Intel Security Corporation need to be contacted in quick time as he/she is quite capable of resolving troublesome problems that occur all of the sudden while removing McAfee security suite successfully as well as re-installation of McAfee product with the latest version within the shortest time period. Once the re-installation of McAfee security software successfully after removal from Windows OS, Mac OSX or Smartphone device; the experts also assist antivirus users in removing that malicious virus and malware that has made the device vulnerable to use.

Need Online help? Contact McAfee Support Team

Users are well aware of the McAfee Customer Service Phone Number unveiled by Intel Security Corporation to get troublesome issues resolved that occur during malware removal by McAfee Security product or while following the procedure to remove outdated McAfee internet security application from the device to re-install the updated version of McAfee security suite.

On some occasions, there is a long on-call waiting queue, the user has to deal with after dialing McAfee Malware Removal Support Number after searching the same provided by Intel security on the internet. Users generally get frustrated as the malware attack has already made their device vulnerable due to improper working of McAfee internet security product, which has become obsolete. They need instant support for McAfee product in order to get issues resolved in quick time which is only possible with the uninstallation of McAfee antivirus standard version and re-installation of latest McAfee product suite.

Antivirus support number is an independent client service provider rendering quality support to get malware removal issues fixed in shortest time period. Availing this support, the user can also buy the latest version of McAfee security and get it installed with the help of McAfee helpdesk expert who is quite capable in performing a quick action by removing outdated McAfee product and re-install McAfee security plus with the latest version on their PC, MAC or in their Smartphone device.

By dialing McAfee Removal Support phone anytime, users can interact with our qualified officials; who are available round the clock to diagnose the problems occurring due to improper performance of existing McAfee software as well as vulnerabilities occurring in the PC, MAC or Smartphone device due to malicious activities by Malware that are detected in the device. They prepare the case notes and provide quality help in removal of existing McAfee antivirus product within the device and install the latest version of McAfee security suite purchased by user online and then establish connection with McAfee Malware Removal Support expert working at Intel Security through an alternative phone line; who help in removal of infectious malware files and streamline the performance of antivirus program in quick time through remote desktop access after taking authorization from users.

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