Can’t Download Norton Security or Antivirus on Your PC or Smartphone Device!!

The Norton product setup file is supposed to be downloaded on the PC or Smartphone device to initiate the installation process. But users get encountered with the errors and are unable to download Norton security or Can’t Download Norton antivirus their PC or mobile device to secure it from the online threats. There are several other reasons, why Norton download doesn’t get complete as some hiccups occur on an unprecedented basis.

  • Web browser installed on the device has settings enabled to inhibit the process of application download from the suspicious
  • The antivirus already installed on your device has the firewall settings that prevent downloading of Norton product setup files.
  • The components of the antivirus product still exist on the device even after its un-installation
  • Low disk space issue on the PC or mobile device.
  • Norton download manager not working or unresponsive.
  • Norton errors inhibit the download process to a huge extent.


Type of Norton Errors That Interrupt the Download Process

  • Norton download manager error reads as The download manager requires administrative privileges to download and install the product”.
  • Download error 12301 occur as the Norton manager stops responding.
  • Error 1327 indicates ‘invalid drive’ message while downloading the setup file in a destination folder.
  • Norton download manager error “ Unable to continue”.
  • Error: “3039,1” appears while downloading the setup file of latest Norton security version.
  • Norton download error ‘3048 3’ occur due to corrupt download file.
  • The message is displayed while downloading the Norton product on Mac device “ An Unrecoverable Error has occurred”.


Download Norton Security or Antivirus by using following steps.

Once you accept the terms and conditions by clicking Agree and download button, the setup file of Norton products starts getting downloaded. The Norton download manner establishes a connection with the server and provides, users with the latest setup of antivirus products.

By clicking on the products mentioned below, you can download Norton Antivirus software from here itself in a matter of seconds.


Still Having Issues, Can’t Download Norton Products: 

If you get encountered with any troublesome error and do not find yourself capable of dealing with those errors, just take suggestions from any qualified techies available 24*7 by contacting them through:

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